Case Studies

  • High Power Hydraulic Systems Power Take Off Unit

    Sector:  Commercial


    • High performance racing Yacht.
    • Requirement to drive a high power Hydraulic Pump driven from the propulsion Diesel Engine.
    • Dynamic engagement under load and speed.
    Davall Scope/Key Challenges
    • Compact space between Engine and propulsion gearbox
    • Requirement to achieve reduction ratio in min package and weight
    • Dynamic engagement at load and speed
    • Concept design signed off by the customer achieving package requirements
    • Single system prototype unit designed for Prototype manufacture and supply

  • High Performance Winch Gearbox

    Sector: Oil & Gas

    • A unique deep water, riser-less, well intervention system required a innovative wireline winch mechanism
    • Designed to provide precise control in depths of up to 10,000ft of sea water.
    Davall Scope/Key Challenges
    • Design and manufacture a robust and reliable high-reduction winch mechanism, within tight package constraints.
    • Incorporate outputs for both the main drive spindle and also a pair of synchronised spooler drives.
    • Two designs developed (Spiradrive and Epicyclic).
    • Initial self-locking Spiradrive concept was replaced with an (interchangeable) phased-epicyclic solution for better efficiency at high lubricant ambient pressures (equalised with the external pressure on the system at depth). 
    •  A total 6 prototype systems have been supplied
    • Last two epicyclic systems have completed initial commissioning in a deepwater trench north of Shetland.


  • Artificial Limb (non invasive growth)

    Sector: Medical

    • Previous implants required invasive surgery to increase length of an Artificial Limb
    • Objective to provide non invasive length adjustment
    Davall Scope/Key Challenges
    • Design and integration of a 2 stage Epicyclic reduction transmission and leadscrew
    • Integration of an electro magnetically coupled rotor
    • Exceedingly small gear sizes developing an Output Torque of 4Nm
    • Design and development of the reduction system
    • Supply of prototypes and development units
    • Patient experience now dramatically improved
    • Solution now in production
    • Customer now recently acquired FDA approval in the USA