Manufacturing Capacity

  • Gear Cutting

    Spur and Helical Gears (up to ISO1328 grade 8)

    Max Ø 510mm , max pitch 6mod/4DP
    Min Ø 3mm , min pitch 0.17 mod/150DP
    Max face width 190mm (7-1/2")
    Max helix angle (deg) 45 LH/RH

    Racks (Spur only) (up to ISO1328 grade 8)
    Max pitch 6 mod / 4DP
    Max facewidth 90mm (3-1/2")
    Max overall length 1830mm (72")

    Worms (up to ISO1328 grade 6)
    Max pitch 6 mod / 4DP
    Min pitch 0.4 mod / 64DP
    Max OD 150mm (6")
    No. of starts 1,2,3,4,6

  • Spiradrive (R) (spiroid Gears)

    Max gear 450mm (18") Ø
    Max centre distance 150mm (6")

    Spiradrive pinion No. of starts from 1 upto 10

    Bevel Gears (Gleason class B)
    Max pitch Ø 216mm (10:1 ratio)
    Max pitch Ø 190mm (2:1 ratio)
    Max pitch Ø 152mm (1:1 ratio)
    Max pitch 8 mod/3DP
    Min pitch 0.4 mod/64DP
    Max Ratio 10:1
    Max face width at 1:1 ratio3 5mm
    Max cone distance at 1:1 ratio 108mm

    Worm Wheels (up to BS 721 grade 3)
    Max pitch 6 mod/4DP
    Min pitch 0.25 mod/100DP
    Max OD 400mm
    Min OD 6.35mm

  • Gear Grinding

    Spur and Helical Gears (ISO1328 grade 6)
    Max Ø 400mm , max pitch 8mod/3DP
    Min Ø 12.7mm , min pitch 0.5 mod/50DP
    Max face width 200mm
    Max helix angle (deg) 45 LH/RH


  • Worms (up to BS 721 grade 2)

    Max pitch 6 mod/4DP
    Min pitch 0.42 mod/0.016"
    Max OD 356mm
    No. of starts 1,2,3,4,6,7,8,12,14,16

  • General Grinding Capacity

    Max Ø bar feed 80mm
    Max Ø chucking420mm
    Max between centres 1400mm

    Cylindrical Grinding
    Max pitch 6 mod/4DP
    Max Ø 300mm x 1000mm max between centres

    • Surface Grinding
    • Drilling
    • jig Boring

  • Internal Grinding

    Conventional/Pitch line chucking to 250mmØ

    Horizontal machining centre-500mm cube-Twin Pallet Vertical machining centre-1000mm x 500mm x 500mm capacity