Standard Product

  • Davall Gears SpiraDrive® gears and gearboxes

    Davall Gears manufacture a series of SpiraDrive® Gearsets and SpiraDrive® Gearboxes with:

    • 7 Variations in Gear size and capacity (12mm to 70mm)
    • Output torques up to 2500 Nm (70mm @ 1 rpm)
    • Variations in single reduction ratio typically from 8:1 to 150:1
    • 10 minutes and 3 minutes of arc backlash versions (below 3 and down to Zero Backlash based on special request and process)
    • Variation in shaft configurations

    View the Spiradrive® Brochure

    Download Gearset Drawing DXF files

    Download Gearbox Drawing DXF files

    Contact us if your have more specific questions relating to your low to zero backlash requirements

    Use the SpiraDrive® Configurator to specify a standard Gearbox. This is an excel file and you need to "ENABLE MACRO's" to run. Download configurator

  • SpiraDrive® EC (endicon) coupling system

    Davall design, develop, prototype and manufacture the face-to-face ZERO BACKLASH SpiraDrive EC coupling, based on a left hand / right hand spiral tooth Spiradrive® wheel configuration. A modern alternative to the Curvic and Hirth face gear style couplings. 

    view SpiraDrive EC brochure