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Key Features

  • High Torque Gear, Zero Backlash Gearbox

    The pinion has fewer teeth than the gear and is of parallel or tapered screw form. The gear is a face type similar to a hypoid-offset spiral bevel. Advantageous tribological conditions allow Spiradrive® gearsets to be designed with both members manufactured in surface hardened high strength steels giving excellent wear life characteristics.

    • Wide range of gear ratios
    • Catalogue range typically 10:1 to 100:1
    • Custom design (subject to qualification) typically 6:1 to 250:1 
    • High strength and smoothness of action from a compact design.
    • A greater number of continuously meshing teeth (than for a worm gear of similar size)
    • Less critical mounting requirements than for bevel or hypoid gears
    • Grease or oil lubrication dependant on load and operational speeds
    • High accuracy and positive control towards a zero backlash gearbox
    • Backdrive control subject to ratio

    Spiradrive® is available in a standard range of gearboxes, loose gear sets, or custom designed. All manufactured to agreed specifications.