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Standard Product

  • Davall Gears SpiraDrive gears and gearboxes

    Davall Gears manufacture a series of SpiraDrive Gearsets and SpiraDrive Gearboxes with:

    • 7 Variations in Gear size and capacity (12mm to 70mm)
    • Output torques up to 2500 Nm (70mm @ 1 rpm)
    • Variations in single reduction ratio typically from 8:1 to 150:1
    • 10 minutes and 3 minutes of arc backlash versions (below 3 and down to Zero Backlash based on special request and process)
    • Variation in shaft configurations

    View the Spiradrive® Brochure

    Download Gearset Drawing DXF files

    Download Gearbox Drawing DXF files

    Contact us if your have more specific questions relating to your low to zero backlash requirements

    Use the SpiraDrive Configurator to specify a standard Gearbox. This is an excel file and you need to "ENABLE MACRO's" to run. Download configurator

  • SpiraDrive EC (endicon) coupling system

    Davall design, develop, prototype and manufacture the face-to-face ZERO BACKLASH SpiraDrive EC coupling, based on a left hand / right hand spiral tooth Spiradrive wheel configuration. A modern alternative to the Curvic and Hirth face gear style couplings. 

    view SpiraDrive EC brochure