STAINLESS STEEL [Inox] Gearboxes

  • Worm and Wheel

    The series of worm wheel speed reducers comprises 6 sizes of case. Power ratings from 0.18Kw upto 2.2Kw. Ratio reductions from as low as 5:1 to above 100:1.

    The case is fully pressure tested


  • 1 stage helical reducer for worm gearbox

    The range provides a low ratio primary single reduction unit which can be used on it's own or close coupled to a worm wheel speed reducer 

  • Bevel T gearbox

    Based on 2000 series of gearbox, the case is produced in AISI 316, along with the shafts. The spiral bevel gears are cut to the Gleason system. Seals are in NBR, and available in alternative materials as required.

  • Helical Speed Reducers

    A series of speed reducers with a stainless steel case. A series of single, double and triple stage reductions, ratio's from as low as 1.57:1 to greater than 60:1. Power rated from 0.18Kw upto 2.2Kw.