Davall Gears specialises in providing custom solutions to manufacturers of high precision, critical systems using high-performing technologies and our unique expert knowledge. We understand that every customer has distinct requirements and pride ourselves on our ability to provide tailored solutions to meet those specific needs.

Having expertise in precision engineering and advanced machining techniques enables us to manufacture complex components and assemblies to the highest standards of quality and performance helping to deliver results in a wide range of industries including aerospace, defence, medical, robotics, and industrial.


Originally dating back to 1884 as a clockmaker owned by Stephen Davall, Davall Gears is known for its expertise in complex projects including one of the early flight recorder black box’s.

Now part of Steel Partners, “a diversified global holding company with operations in diversified industrial products, energy, defence, supply chain management and logistics, banking and youth sports”; heavy investment in facilities and machinery continues to support the evolution of the company enabling dedicated resources for escalating customer specific projects.

Aerospace Custom Gear Manufacturing Companies UK


Accredited to AS 9100D/ISO 9001:2015 and NADCAP Nonconventional machining standards, Davall Gears produce aircraft certified parts, supplied with lab and full First Article Inspection Reports (FAIR) in Davall or customer standard formats, for OEMS and Tier 1 and 2 suppliers. Significant experience in new product development and full-scale production are proved by applications including:

– Flight control systems
– Missile fins
– Engine nozzles & actuators
– Fuselage cargo doors & utilities
– Remotely piloted vehicles

Defence Gear Manufacturers UK


As the original design and production supplier for defence applications like turret drive systems for military armoured vehicles, we use advanced technologies and techniques to supply critical parts for mission critical applications including:

– Satellite antennae
– Azimuth & elevation gun control
– Vehicle take-off (VTOL) aircraft
– Marine & Land Radar
– Ejector seat actuation

Medical custom gears UK


Spiradrive has proven successful in the medical sector improving medical devices and systems with precision and reliability. Several production applications of Spiradrive indicate the success of the technology in this area including:

– Precision critical imaging and scanning systems
– Drives & actuators
– Surgical robots
– Body implants and prostheses

Industrial gear manufacturers UK


Requiring highly durable and reliable components that can withstand harsh operating environments, we manufacture precision gears at low to medium volumes for commercial products. Applications include:

– Co-ordinate measuring machines
– Valve actuators
– Drilling equipment
– Indexing tables
– ROVs

High performing solutions for highly demanding needs

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