Gear Types & Geometry

  • Spiral Bevel Gears / Straight Bevel Gears / Hypoid Gears

    Davall Gears manufacture Gleason SPIRAL BEVEL (helical bevel) gears, HYPOID gears and STRAIGHT TOOTH BEVEL gears (Gleason "coniflex"). We can manufacture mitre 1:1 (one to one) or ratio (crown wheel and pinion) to order, either the conventional 90° (right angle) shaft angle or at differing angles, in materials (hardened if required) to suit the application.

  • Spiradrive®

    Davall Gears are the global specialist in the design and manufacture of Spiradrive gears, under the trade name Spiradrive, the high torque, high tooth contact ratio, high ratio (single stage) gearing system. Spiradrive is capable of achieving zero backlash, reduction ratios from 5.6:1 upto 360:1, and can be designed for back drive or non back drive. The format of the gear components allows for cost reduction of high volume through whirling or rolling of the worm and moulding or sintering of the wheel. The assembly of the Spiradrive system for some applications is more tolerant of positional inaccuracies of the gear case, allowing for low cost die cast or moulded housings.

  • Spur/Helical

    Davall Gears can produce gears with a straight (spur) or helix (helical) tooth, whether a complete gear or as a segment. We can supply gears to varying grades and qualities, from commercial gears, hobbed or shaped, to precision ground gears. Parts are made of any complexity, in a variety of materials, to suit the application.

  • Racks Curved

    Davall Gears are able to supply specialised curved racks, manufactured on pre-formed curved / bent parts, providing a high accuracy of tooth form over the curved section. We can provide solid one-piece parts, which maintain tight engineering tolerances of linear and/or angular position.

  • Epicyclic Assemblies

    Davall Gears design, prototype and manufacture single or multi stage planetary drives, employing straight or helical tooth form. We can produce annulus (internal) gear ring to a diameter of 400mm. We can manipulate the gear tooth geometry to optimise load capacity and extend life hours, as dictated by the application. We have extensive experience in whole assemblies, from miniature in-body technology through to downhole oil well technology.

  • Racks Straight

    Davall Gears manufacture racks with a generated tooth form (not milled) in any shape or material combination, typically in delrin, brass, steel, titanium or stainless steel. We can produce racks with pitch ranging from 0.15mod/200DP upto 8mod/3DP, and circular/linear pitch 0.25mm upto 1"(inch). We can supply racks with processed ends to enable the installation of continuous long run mounting. We can supply racks with the tooth run stopping mid point of the bar.

  • Worm and Wheels

    Davall Gears produce conventional ratio worm and wormwheel transmission parts. We can manufacture the worm gear plain turned, polished or hardened and ground and the wheel  in same or mixed material as the application dictates. We can design in-house a drive for non conventional shaft angles (standard is 90° right angle), or with reverse feature if required. We make to line drawing or soild model.

  • Timing Pulley

    Davall Gears produce all forms of synchronous timing pulley, in a variety of materials, from high volume conventional moulded plastic for light duty applications, through to ultra high power and torque drives requiring specialist steels.