• Medical

    The Spiradrive® Gear technology has proved very successful in providing reduction drives in precision critical imaging systems in the Medical Sector. Several production applications of Spiradrive®now exist in imaging systems due to the precise nature of the gearset operation with minimised backlash for positional accuracy. Davall also have success in developing and supplying a highly miniaturised gearset in a medical limb implant. The limb can be grown and extended via an internal magnetic rotor, driven by an electromagnetic coil placed around the limb, thus avoiding patient trauma from invasive surgery.

  • Medical Scanner Imaging System

    Sector: Medical


    • Tier 2 supply to Scanner manufacturer part of the Scanning drive mechanism

    Davall Scope/Key Challenges:

    • Design and integration of a 36:1 Spiradrive® reduction transmission
    • Extremely compact package Low noise Low backlash 
    • Smooth operation (validated by current drawn)


    • Custom design of a 12mm Spiradive Gearbox Custom bell housing
    • Cost down using Aluminium Extrusion for the casing now in production at c. 1000 units per annum

  • Artificial Limb (non invasive growth)

    Sector: Medical

    • Previous implants required invasive surgery to increase length of an Artificial Limb
    • Objective to provide non invasive length adjustment
    Davall Scope/Key Challenges:
    • Design and integration of a 2 stage Epicyclic reduction transmission and leadscrew
    • Integration of an electro magnetically coupled rotor
    • Exceedingly small gear sizes developing an Output Torque of 4Nm
    • Design and development of the reduction system
    • Supply of prototypes and development units
    • Patient experience now dramatically improved
    • Solution now in production
    • Customer now recently acquired FDA approval in the USA