Oil & Gas

  • Oil & Gas

    The requirements of the Oil and Gas industry are very diverse and the operating environment of some geartrain applications are very severe.
    Davall have had significant experience in the application of complex geartrains in the harsh environments of pressure and depth in exploration and drilling.

  • High Performance Winch Gearbox

    Sector:  Oil & Gas

    • A unique deep water, riser-less, well intervention system required a innovative wireline winch mechanism
    • Designed to provide precise control in depths of up to 10,000ft of sea water
    Davall Scope/Key Challenges
    • Design and manufacture a robust and reliable high-reduction winch mechanism, within tight package constraints
    • Incorporate outputs for both the main drive spindle and also a pair of synchronised spooler drives
    • Two designs developed (Spiradrive and Epicyclic).
    • Initial self-locking Spiradrive concept was replaced with an (interchangeable) phased-epicyclic solution for better efficiency at high lubricant ambient pressures (equalised with the external pressure on the system at depth)
    •  A total 6 prototype systems have been supplied
    • Last two epicyclic systems have completed initial commissioning in a deepwater trench north of Shetland