Davall Gears offers a variety of gearboxes with different gear styles. Our teams delight in designing and manufacturing for the most challenging gearbox applications. We specialize in high-performance gears and gearboxes for aerospace, medical, military, motorsport, and industrial applications requiring critical precision.

Our integrated service can help develop your product to the exacting requirements and specifications you require.

Diverse applications include:

  • Military vehicle gun turret drives for traverse and elevation control
  • Spiradrive gearboxes for medical imaging systems
  • Miniature high-reduction geartrains for medical implants
  • Reduction transmissions for electric vehicles
  • High-performance winch gearboxes for the oil and gas industry
Epicyclic Gearbox Manufacturer UK

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Whether you require prototype components, development assemblies, production volumes, or support with product selection and application, our dedicated customer support team and on-hand experienced engineers are here to provide you with the help you need.

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