Davall Gears are the specialists in the design and manufacture of the trademarked product SPIRADRIVE™. Available in both gearset and gearbox format, SPIRADRIVE™ is a high-performance alternative to the worm and wheel. Its unique design creates a high torque capacity and contact ratio with the immense number of gear teeth displacing torque load, producing increased control and accuracy. Available in both standard and custom, SPIRADRIVE™ can be designed to meet customer specific requirements.

You can use the SPIRADRIVE™ Gearbox configurator to calculate your gearbox requirement.

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  • Custom & Standard Gear Sets
  • High Torque Density
  • Irreversible or Controlled Back-Drive
  • High Contact Ratio
  • Virtually zero backlash
  • Wide Range of Ratios (6:1 to 360:1)
  • Precision Ground
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The patented SPIRADRIVE EC or index ring set consists of two halves with each being a mirror image of the other. Depending on the outside diameter of the SPIRADRIVE EC ring, it can be manufactured with 20 to as many as 3000 teeth or more. When in intimate contact, the teeth of one member fit into the spaces of the other member so that the convex side of a tooth contacts the concave side of the tooth of its opposite member.

These uniformly spaced curved teeth provide a positive high-strength coupling when held in tight mesh. As a result, a SPIRADRIVE EC ringset, whether used as a precise indexing device or as a power transmitting coupling, forms a torsionally rigid, virtually zero backlash, truly self-centering interface.

Spiradrive EC 1


  • Patented curved tooth design
  • Hub extension
  • Full flank tooth contact
  • Variable tooth geometry
  • Full radius tooth tips
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