Davall's new Spiradrive Hobber now making deliveries

In September Davall's new Gear Hobber was signed off and commenced production of customers parts. One particular project was a High Performance Fishing Reel Gear which previously had high levels of part rejection due to the High Standards of Subjective Smoothness required. An initial batch of 25 Gears (out of a production batch) were cut, prepared and sent for review. All Gears passed the customers stringent quality tests and now production continues with high confidence. Davall's new Hobber is now available to cut Spiradrive Gearsets and will deliver significant quality improvements on Davall's range of low to zero backlash gears and gearboxes. For more information on how Davall can assist you please visit our enquiry page  

Written by Davall Gears at 10:18