Davall Gears now part of SL-MTI

27 July 2015, Davall Gears Limited announces we are now an integral business unit of SL-MTI division, within the international SL Industries, Inc (http://www.slindustries.com).

Davall Gears, an internationally recognised specialist in mechanical gear and gearbox drives, team up with SL Montevideo Technology (SL-MTI), an international specialist is electrical drives and controls. Both businesses operate in the same market places (often on the same programmes), whether it be medical, robotic, military, commercial or aerospace systems. This alliance of businesses will provide stimulus for growth of both units, through the introduction of their individual expertise to new audiences. Davall Gears will have a spring board into the north American market, and SL-MTI will have a focus into the European market.

Written by Davall Gears at 09:51