Our experience in precision gear manufacturing and design, combined with our expertise in modern manufacturing technologies, allows us to offer our customers a range of solutions to meet their specific needs. Whether clients require prototype components, development assemblies, or production volumes, we work closely to deliver solutions that meet their challenges.


As part of the British Gear Association and member of the technical committee, we have a highly-experienced engineering team with the capability to design clean sheet solutions helping our customer to achieve new applications and performance targets.

Working closely with clients to gain a full understanding of the project scope, we can undertake design, optimisation, analysis, prototyping, and test requirements all under one roof.

Gear design and manufacturing service

Assembly and Test

We offer a comprehensive assembly service complemented with standard or special purpose test equipment designed and manufactured by ourselves that incorporates full instrumentation and hard copy facilities.

bevel gearboxes manufacturers

Repair and Refurbishment

With service packages designed to keep systems running smoothly, our expert team have the experience and knowledge to ensure components and systems are operating at peak performance. Whether it is preventative maintenance, component replacement, or emergency repair, we have the expertise and resources to keep our clients in control.

Repair and Refurbishment

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Whether you require prototype components, development assemblies, production volumes, or support with product selection and application, our dedicated customer support team and on-hand experienced engineers are here to provide you with the help you need.

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